There are situations when your solution contains two mobile projects. How you manage their development/debugging unitary? If your answer is: open each project on a separate VS Code instance and debug them alternatively on the same emulator/device, then this article is for you.

We have an alternative debugging receipt for VS Code lovers. We will learn to debug two (or maybe many) Flutter projects, simultaneously in the same VS Code instance, using two(many) Android emulators.


  • VS Code installed
  • Flutter and Dart plugin installed
  • Android SDK platform-tools folder is on your PATH

Initial setup

Create a new folder vscode-flutter-double-debug. Inside, create another…

Nowadays using a hosted, distributed service for Continuous Integration and Deployment of your projects became a trivial task.

This article will touch the following topics:

  • C++ code
  • Visual Studio 2019
  • Unit testing with Microsoft CppUnitTest framework
  • GitHub source control
  • AppVeyor build/test/badge


  • Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition
  • A GitHub account
  • A GitHub public repo
  • An AppVeyor account linked to GitHub (free for public repositories)
  • The code structure with the solution placed on src/Workshop01

Another ORM? Why?

Immersing to the world of Flutter is a real and captivating adventure. Being a fairly new framework, there are plenty of opportunities to develop new libraries. As a result, I thought it was a good opportunity to set up an ORM to answer more questions. The goal is to have a framework that, besides relational mapping, provides the possibility to generate scaffolds for basic usage cases: user account, user data, data tracking (create, update, delete), soft delete. And that’s how begins the story of f-orm-m8.

Targeted audience

Dart/Flutter developers


The framework adds definitions for a set of types that could be combined…

In this article we will learn to quickly create a simple CRUD application using the f-orm-m8-sqlite.

Mircea MATEI

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